The Fellowship is currently providing financial support for six major missionary projects. Each of these involves missionary efforts for Clergy and Provinces of the Traditional Anglican Church (TAC).

Diocese of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean: The Right Reverend Juan Garcia, Presiding Bishop of the Diocese, has established a new Parish in the Dominican Republic. This is a great step forward for the region. Father Ramon Suero has been selected as the first priest.

Traditional Anglican Church Latin American Province (TACLAP): Based in Guatemala Bishop Ruben Rodriguez, despite ill health, travels extensively throughout Guatemala, Honduras, and other parts of Central America, training and mentoring new priests, coordinating church-related activities for children, conducting Mass, confirming new church members, and coordinating construction of new church buildings. From all accounts, Bp. Rodriguez is the driving force behind the existence of the Traditional Anglican Church in that part of the world. IAF funding helps him to continue this ministry.

Continuing Anglican Church of Zambia: Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba is the sponsor for this IAF project. Headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia, the Province contains 19 congregations averaging 150 members each. Supporting an organization of that size and geographic disbursement with 5 priests and 3 deacons in a country suffering from widespread poverty must be quite a challenge. Yet Bishop Mukuyamba presses on by continuing to build new churches and repair and maintain older ones, while supplying clergy with the sacramental necessities. Pictured here is an ongoing building project and the interior of an existing church.

Anglican Church of India (ACI): Headed by Archbishop Samuel Prakash, Metropolitan of the ACI. Funding provides scholarships for Christian students in their primary classes (22 at present). The church also sponsors a Christian youth camp each summer which requires funding for boarding, lodging, and a stipend for camp leaders. The IAF also supports the Rev. David Chattri who, with his family and an assistant, conducts missionary training for villagers in remote rural areas.

The Anglican Church in Southern Africa: Southern Africa is very poor with large numbers of unemployed (about 45% of the population) and many refugees from neighboring states who have poured into South Africa. Political turmoil and bad governance in neighboring countries has created a huge problem of poverty and many people live well below the breadline in sprawling shack communities on the edges of the cities. HIV and AIDS are rampant amongst these communities.

We have a vision for growing and developing our church in Southern Africa. Our commitment is to doubling the size of the TAC presence in Southern Africa in 10 years. St. Cyprian’s has achieved this and we do need to extend our work into many poorer areas.

Archbishop Michael Gill

The parish of St. Matthew’s, Hammaskraal had a catastrophic fire a number of years ago. Fr. Thopola has been ill ever since, being quite elderly and having inhaled a great deal of smoke. The Southern African TAC and the IAF were able to assist Fr. Thopola rebuild his church and get things back on track. The Anglican Church in Southern Africa was able, with the assistance of the IAF, to make St. Matthew’s into the lively and working parish it once was.